Midge Marsh

Event Information: 

Unto the Noble and Fierce Populace of Gryphon's lair do their Excllencies Asgierr and Alessandra send Greetings. While questing for the wisdom from the great sagas We found mighty warriors to be champions for our great Barony, but to better protect all that we must; we send forth a call to our archers & thrown weapons warriors; We are in need of champions that can protect from Range! So we do declare Baronial Archery & Thrown Weapons Championships Shall be held at the event known as MidgeMarsh upon the fields of Mount Ogden

There will be many festivities for all. For our mighty warriors there shall be MELEES. Crafts for the youth. An Archery fun shoot in the woods.

To top off the day we shall enjoy a Burger Burn with the Barony providing the MEAT. We ask that all bring something to share that will complete the meal; sides, condiments, buns. There will be a sign up available a few weeks before the event, watch electronic forums. Bring your feast gear! None will be provided.

Event Steward Directions

Mount Ogden Archery Range – Stoddard UT Approximately 1257 West Old Highway Rd., Morgan UT Take your best route to I-84 Utah. Take exit 96 (Peterson/Stoddard). Follow the signs toward Stoddard - from the West, turn left, then at the 'T', turn right. Less than a mile down the road you will see the range on your right. Turn right at the MOA gate. There will be signs.

The site is damp, above ground fire pits pending fire restrictions of the season, trash is pack it in pack it out. Potable water available, very limited shade. Pets ok with responsible owners -must be leashed/penned, sociable with people and other animals and quickly cleaned up after.

Bring your Day Shades and Join the fun.

Site Fees: 
Adult Event Registration $10
Adult Member Event Registration $5
Minors shall be Guest of the Barony
Feast Fee – sign up and bring something
Date & Time: 
Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 08:00 to 20:00
Event Location: